Learn to use PostgreSQL, for real // Webinar Pentalog


Tuesday, September 25th
Bucharest 4pm // Paris 3pm // New York (EDT) 9am // London (BST) 2pm 45 minutes + 15 minutes for Q&A

If you’ve heard about PostgreSQL and are interested in learning more, register now. After the session, all registered participants will receive the Powerpoint presentation via email. This webinar will be hosted by Boris Popovschi, Pentalog’s IT specialist, who has put together a guide containing all you need to know in order to get started with PostgreSQL.

The registration is closed


You will learn more about:

  • What is PostgreSQL
  • How to install PostgreSQL
  • How to set up PostgreSQL
  • Connect to Database
  • Postgres Features

What’s in it for you?

  • Learn how to work with PostgreSQL fast & easy.
  • Discover PostgreSQL’s features and receive detailed explanations.
  • After this webinar you will be able to work with PostgreSQL by yourself.
  • Less words more coding.

You will receive a lot of live demonstrations & code samples.

About Boris Popovschi

Boris is a Go Developer, with 5 years of experience on back-end development. He is specialized in data storages, warehouses, searching data and data migration. He has worked with a lot of databases and mostly with PostgreSQL.


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