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Go PO! – The Product Owner’s Career Starter Program
FREE Group Mentoring Program

For professionals with relevant experience as Project Managers, Business Analysts, Proxy POs or similar positions,

Who want to make the next step in their career and follow the path of a Product Owner or are interested in sharpening existing PO skills,

Our project is a free group mentoring program,

That will bond competent mentors & enthusiasts of the Agile world and facilitate the knowledge exchange,

Unlike a standard training based for the most part on the theoretical principles,

Go PO! is an interactive, practical, flexible and personalized learning experience.

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QA academy Pentalog

Go PO! –learn to be a Product Owner on a real mission

This mentoring program will allow you to take up the role of a PO for all stages of the product development from product discovery to demo presentation. During the workshops, all mentees will go through the definition of deliverables such as Visions, Persona, Empathy Mapping, Customer Journey Map, Story mapping, Backlog, Prototypes and many more.

What is going to happen step-by-step?

  • Initial evaluation based on the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition
  • Practice-oriented learning activities (presentations, meetings, workshops etc.)
  • Demo of the project deliverables
  • Dreyfus re-evaluation
  • Participants with outstanding performances will be selected for a long-term mentoring program

Click here to see the Story Mapping

Reserve your spot until April 5th!

What's in it for you:

  • Presentations showcasing real examples of how our experts apply theory to practice
  • Group mentoring meetings where we will examine technical tips, theoretical topics and soft skills
  • E-learning – before each workshop mentees will receive materials for self-study in order to get familiar with the topics to be discussed
  • Workshops – together with mentors you will define deliverables
  • 1-on-1 sessions agreed upon with the mentor and covering the mentee’s learning needs
  • Meetups – our attendees will receive invitations to afterwork events, community meetings etc.
  • Go see – study visits to ongoing projects at Pentalog Chisinau.

Training period:

  • 16.04 - 29.05
  • We meet 2 times per week: Tuesday & Thursday - 17:00 - 19:00
QA academy Pentalog

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