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Taking Your Python Microservices to the Next Level with a Service Mesh in AWS

Wednesday, October 30th

London 3PM // Paris 4PM // Bucharest 5PM // Chișinău 5PM //
Guadalajara 9AM // New York 10AM
45 minutes + 15 minutes for Q&A

Match your Python skills with the mightiness of AWS Microservices. You’ll get to a new level of awesomeness. 

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About this Webinar

It's been a while since your started working with microservices, they're great but not perfect. You now have tens or hundreds of microservices and it's getting pretty hard to see what microservice is the root cause of issues.
Also communication between your services is a bit rigid, sometimes you feel you have a distributed monolith!

Join us on the next webinar where we show you how to:

  • Set up your serverless docker cluster (ECS)
  • Set up an application load balancer in front of your microservices
  • Add a Service mesh to improve microservice communication
  • Set up service discovery
  • Using distributed tracing to pinpoint naughty microservices!

All in one day!

About the speaker:
Cătălin Dumitraș is an experienced Solutions Architect at Pentalog. He also has extensive experience as Consultant, Technical Lead and Software Developer for clients in various business sectors, with a focus on e-commerce companies and software publishers. His technical know-how covers a rich tech stack that includes PHP, Magento, DevOps & Amazon Web Services, and a passion for IT security & Artificial Intelligence.

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