Records & Tuples will improve React with Sebastien Lorber

How to go beyond immutability and bring a significant benefit to React.js apps using these “compound primitives”

About this exclusive PentaBAR

Records & Tuples represent a stage-2 proposal that brings deeply immutable data structures to JavaScript. But immutability is only one part of the story. In this PentaBAR, we’ll discuss why their "compound primitives" behavior could be the most interesting part, allowing for extended benefits for React.

Our deep dive will be led by Sebastien Lorber, a React.js expert and Open-source developer collaborating with Facebook, who will explain how Records & Tuples can solve real-world React issues, such as:

  • Performance - Re-renders that can be avoided

  • Behavior - Useless effect re-executions, infinite loops

  • API surface - Inability to express when a stable object identity matters.

The presentation will also include two live demos, to show how the Records & Tuples proposal will affect your React code.
Join us Wednesday - March 10, for PentaBAR Online.

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About the program

Records & Tuples will improve React

Date : Date : 10/03/2021, 13:30 EET

The PentaBAR will cover:

  • Records & Tuples - a stage-2 proposal for the future of JavaScript  

  • How Records & Tuples compare to regular JS objects and arrays

  • Their significant impact in the React ecosystem

  • Demo 1: Improving React re-rendering performances

  • Demo 2: How to prevent rendering infinite loops

  • Trade-offs: Using Records & Tuples

About our guest:
Sebastien Lorber is a ReactJS freelancer, editor for the ReactHebdo French newsletter and lead maintainer of Docusaurus, Facebook’s React-based static site generator. He is passionate about React, cross-platform, Jamstack, Serverless, TypeScript and functional programming.

Sebastien was an early adopter of React.js in 2014 and has contributed to the growth of its open-source ecosystem.

Host: Mihai Zant, Executive Coach & International Trainer


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