IoT Apps: Getting started with ESP32 (Arduino Analog)


Tuesday, February 12th, 2019
Paris 4pm / London 3pm / Bucharest 5pm / New York 10am / Mexico 9am 45 minutes + 15 minutes for Q&A

Dive into the world of IoT apps and learn how to work with the ESP32 development kit (Arduino analog) to build your first project. Join this webinar to explore a step-by-step guide that will get you started with ESP32 through a practical exercise: creating a JSON API for controlling a series of individual addressable RGB leds through WiFi.

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IoT Apps: Getting started with ESP32 (Arduino Analog)

The presentation will cover:

  • Basic setup of the IDE using Docker.
  • Hello world example explained.
  • Blink example explained (basic GPIO).
  • Traffic light example (using multitasking in FreeRTOS).
  • Wifi webserver with a JSON api for controlling multiple WS2812b leds.

What’s in it for you?

This webinar aims to provide a 100% practical guide to help you build IoT apps with ESP32. Every section of the presentation will be accompanied by live demonstrations and examples explained.

At the end of the presentation, you will:

  • Know how to setup the IDE environment for developing with the ESP32
  • Understand how it works (you will actually go through source code)
  • Discover the FreeRTOS operating system that comes with the ESP32 source code and its multitasking features
  • Be able to build a traffic light program based upon the multitasking features of the OS, a webserver with a JSON API and a UI interface written in Vue.js to control a series of individually addressable RGB leds.

Alexandr will also provide first-hand tips and tricks to build a more advanced example that you can use for your home automation IoT app.

About Alexandr Macarov

Alexandr Macarov is a Senior PHP Developer at Pentalog, where he has been working on various enterprise-level projects based on Symfony. Although his main field of expertise is PHP, electronics, integrated circuits and microcontrollers have always fascinated him. His tech stack is also seasoned with knowledge of Python, C#, JavaScript, jQuery, Vue.js and a bit of C/C++.


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