choose the right technical eCommerce strategy for your business

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video choose the right technical eCommerce strategy for your business

Learn how to choose the right technical eCommerce strategy for your business

This webinar will be hosted by Pentalog’s Head of Web Apps, Andrei Sajin. Andrei has more than 9 years of experience in e-commerce technologies and consulting. He supports clients like BlueFox, BitGym, Socrative, Kwanko DMP, AB Television etc.

This webinar will address the main issues surrounding e-commerce solutions:

  • What specific factors need to be taken into account when developing an e-commerce project? Multi-currency, multi-channel, payment, security etc.
  • How to choose between a quick solution/MVP and a robust platform with new features
  • What features does your online store need
  • How do you adapt and segment your market

About the speaker

Andrei SAJIN

Head Of Web Apps

Andrei is a Technical Expert and Software Architect who draws on his extensive experience in web and mobile technologies to provide tailor-made technical solutions ranging from web architecture design, B2C / B2B E-commerce platform management and UI improvement, to mobile development and Big Data management (distibuted messaging systems, distributed file systems, Mapreduce). Read more about Andrei

Andrei Sajin


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