Participate to a Seminar in a Development Center

You should be thinking about how to optimize your software development budget, improve your processes, industrialize your developments, generate more value, choose the right technologies, & become more efficient.

To help you, we have developed a 2-day seminar to address all these issues in situ, at our offshore centers in Romania or Moldova. Each workshop is illustrated by 1 or 2 concrete clients cases from the visited site.

At the end of your stay, you will have all the tools you need to make the right decisions.

Please select 4 of the 7 workshops that most address your business needs. 

Registrations are closed
for this event.


Workshop Agile & Offshore

How to: Unify Agile & Offshore?
Workshop illustrated by a project for a software publisher
Animator: Cornel Fatulescu, CTO of Pentalog
Duration: 3 hours

Workshop Growth Hacking

How to: Use Growth Hacking to Develop a Product that (Really) Captures the Market
Workshop illustrated by the PlayBac project
Animators: Frédéric Lasnier, CEO of Pentalog and Jeff Mignon, CEO of Revsquare New York
Duration: 2 hours


Workshop Skill Assessment

How to: Measure your Teams' Skills & Track their Progress? Skill assessment & recruitment tools
Workshop illustrated by a case studies for a VOD software publisher and recruitment firm
Animator: Eric Gouin, CEO of SkillValue
Duration: 2 hours

Workshop Tech Trends

What are the Current Tech Trends & How do they Relate to your Product?
Workshop illustrated by a project for a software publisher
Animator: Cornel Fatulescu, CTO of Pentalog
Duration: 2 hours


Workshop Agile Governance

What Agile Governance & KPI's Should be Used to Set up Projects?
Workshop illustrated by a project for a financial consulting company
Animator: Project Manager of Pentalog
2 hours

Workshop UX Design

Why UX is a Key Point in your Product Strategy: How to Implement & Develop It
Workshop illustrated by a project for 2 clients
Animator: Jeff Mignon, CEO of Revsquare New York
Duration: 2 hours


Workshop Cloud & DevOps

How to: Improve the Performance of your Information System with DevOps & Cloud Computing
Workshop illustrated by client projects for call center and car manufacturer
Animator: Constantin Samoila, Consultant at Pentalog
Duration: 2 hours

Eligibility Requirements

Any company with an IT development project that is considering outsourcing to an offshore delivery center is eligible to apply for this seminar by filling out the application form. Pentalog will cover the following expenses: meals and seminar workshops. You will be responsible for you transportation and accommodations.
In addition, when entrusting us with the development of a project in 2019, Pentalog will apply its 2018 rates for all orders placed before 31/10/2018!
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