GDPR - personal data protection

The GDPR: What you Need to Know About the New European Regulation on Personal Data Protection


Tuesday, August 22nd - 12PM (EST) US | 6PM (CEST) Paris
Duration 30 minutes + 5 minutes for Q&A

Learn how to conform with this new EU regulation and its potential effect on your business.

This event is closed.

GDPR - personal data protection video

The GDPR: A new set of rules protecting the personal data of all EU citizens. But what does the GDPR actually say?

In this webinar Steeve Jimbuem-Yao, head of Pentalog’s legal department, will explain the contents of the GDPR and outline steps you can take to ensure your organization is in compliance with this new set of regulations. More specifically Steeve will explain:

  • The objective of the GDPR
  • Who the GDPR applies to
  • The principle elements of the GDPR
  • How to conform
  • The sanctions for non-conformity

About the Speaker


Head of Pentalog’s Legal Department

Steeve has worked with both civil and common law systems, is an expert in business law, and has worked as an international legal consultant in New York City, a business law firm in Paris, and a number of international companies. Throughout his professional experience he has worked on a number of projects related to data protection and is experienced with the legal issues surrounding this subject.

Steeve Jimbuem-yao

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