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Marketing automation is not email marketing. It’s a game changer!

This webinar will be hosted by Nick HABY, representant of the international digital marketing agency, RevSquare, to answer the following:

  • What is marketing automation?
  • How is it being used today?
  • What technology is required for successful marketing automation?
  • How can you apply it to your business?
  • Where will marketing automation be in the next five years?

About the speaker

Michael GRUBBS
Marketing Automation Specialist
Michael’s in-depth experience with marketing automation spans customer segmentation and targeting for marketing campaigns, integrating systems and creating content strategies, and executing cross-platform campaigns. With over five years experience with HubSpot, Michael has become master of this platform.

Digital Marketing Manager
Nick’s strengths overseeing various aspects of digital marketing stems from his background in architecture and communications, which refined his interests in design, software programs, journalism, and public speaking. His knowledge of marketing automation platforms such as Marketo also serves him well when strategizing lead generation and executing email marketing strategies, and his social media savvy means successful execution of campaigns.

Michael Grubbs and Nick Haby

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