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Access our price list

Take a look at our unique IT outsourcing price catalog to discover our rates: 25 types of IT services offered within 5 skill levels in 4 different locations. Those 400 prices cover development and maintenance of software, web applications, websites, mobile applications, cloud computing, embedded systems engineering, strategic design and consulting services.

The Pentalog Digital Platform is an IT-dedicated one-stop-shop relying on a global talent pool of 300 000 highly skilled profiles: developers (Java, PHP, DotNet, Python, Symfony, Ruby, etc.), Scrum masters, product owners, QA engineers, UX/UI designers. We are able to build and ramp up teams of several dozens of developers in a few weeks’ time.

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Who we are? What we do?

Pentalog is a digital service platform supporting startups, SMBs and multinational companies in their growth strategies. Our global approach, strategic mindset and agile practices have made us a disruptive service provider on the international business scene.

Our end-to-end service offer covers all of our clients' IT needs, all along their product and solution lifecycle from IT skills assessment and recruitment to digital marketing all the way through software engineering, IT consulting and BOT operations.

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